Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heard It Through the Grape Vine

           As I looked in the mirror after completing my makeup , instntly Marvin Gaye’s I Heard It Through The Grapevine started to play in my head. Thus the name for this look was born. I then started to laugh because my FOTD was named after a song about infidelity. XD

I am quite proud of myself for being able to do this look—and in such a short time too. I think I spent about 10 mins applying this, which is a major accomplishment for me because not too long ago I would have blanched at the idea of doing a smokey look. I usually tend to stay away from black eye shadow. Usually ppl will use it to deepen a look, but most of the time I don’t.

My fear mostly stems from many botched smokey eye attempts in the past. Seriously, trying to do a smokey eye when I was first starting out was very difficult.  I looked like an emo wannabe who had gotten caught in the rain. -_- Overall it just looked bad. Every. Single. Time.

So I was surprised when I decided to put a little black in the look today. I started off with a little black on the outer v (which is what you should do instead of slapping on a load of black e/s and deciding to blend later. I found out this was what I was doing wrong previously. -_-) then slowly blended it onto the lash line and crease until it ran out. Slowly, bit by bit, I added more black e/s from a cheapie 120 palette from eBay until I got the intensity I desired (which will vary from look to look). I also added eyeliner on top of the black e/s because the black from this particular 120 palette is notorious for creasing on me. It never fails; but I put the eyeliner on top and guess what! It didn’t budge not one bit all day! That’s awesomesauce!

Overall I’m very happy with the way this look turned out. Not only have I mastered a new technique I have a newfound confidence as well. When I applied the first smidge of black e/s and blended it out as far as it would go, it was a dull gray. Afraid that I had botched another look and bummed that I would have to apply all over again (could you imagine having to do that? *wince*) the sinking feeling that began in my stomach when I started to apply the black lessened each time I patiently added another coat of e/s and blended.

This look is so beautiful! It’s refreshing too b/c I’ve never done such a monochromatic look before. The depth is prefect and the gradient is smooth. There are no harsh lines to be found in this look!

I originally stared to put dark purple along the waterline also but then I realized that I don’t have a dark purple eyeliner that I trust to stay on my waterline (I dunno what wrong with my eye; they water like crazy >.<) and the Wet n Wild Idol Eyes cream shadow pencil was so not worth the little money I paid for it.

So I walked into a local family dollar, still bemoaning the loss of a purple eyeliner, when what do I see smack dab in the middle of the L.A. Colors cosmetics stand?


Of course I didn’t buy it. That’ll teach them to put out all this awesome new makeup after I stop coming there for only like, ONE month after MONTHS of my faithful patronage! *hmph*

…I guess it also didn’t help that I was kinda broke. Probably also didn’t help that I spent my money (what little I had left) on these:

Or these:

SNAKESKIN NERD GLASSES! Thumbs ups for hipster Myu! XD

OH YEAH RAINBOW FISHNETS! Ive been searching for these everywhere. These’ll go perfect with the tutu I’m (hoping to be) wearing to the opening of that new Anime/Maid café this month!

And can you guys tell that I shaved all my eyebrows off? Looking at these pictures you thought these where my natural brows, albeit a little trimmed right?


The other day when I woke up I discovered that it was high time for me to do my eyebrows. Well, when I reached into my makeup case to fish out my eyebrow razor, my hand came up empty. I later remembered that I had thrown it out the day before b/c it became dull and forgot to get another one. So I decided to use a regular razor like the old fashioned barber I’m not and do my eyebrows. I mean, how bad could it be? It’s the same concept, just a different way right?


Don’t get me wrong, you should totally use a regular razor to trim your eyebrows if:

1.    A. you like having no type of control once so ever
2.    B. you like pain (in which case you should seek help)
3.    C.  there are no eyebrow razors within a 50 mile radius or left on the earth

When I picked up the razor I had full (though wild and untamed) eyebrows. When I finally surrendered, I had pencil thin 1 ½ eyebrows remaining. I decided to give up while I had some left -_-…

When I looked in the mirror after I was done, it was like: 

And no, I’m not gonna post pics because I believe even the worst person shouldn’t be subjected to such horror. -_-;

After I was done screaming in terror I thought: “Man, how in the world am I going to fix this?” In an upcoming post (yes, I write my posts out before I publish them) I’ll talk about how I hate the look of over artificial eyebrows and thus have a fear of cutting all my eyebrows off. I thought that if I never cut my eyebrows off, that I’d never have to worry about drawing them all on and risk looking like a clown (literally).


I can understand cutting a portion of the brows off in order to get a certain look (something I do often), but cutting off all the eyebrows to me just looks too artificial. Plus, it makes it harder to blend whatever you use to draw on your eyebrows, be it eye shadow or eyeliner, into your natural hair to throw ppl off  BECAUSE THERE IS NO HAIR TO BLEND INTO!

Anyways, back to the story. So my hand slipped a couple of times, and I basically ended up doing the very thing I hate. But its all good cuz I found that all I have to do is draw my brows how I envision and want them to look, then clean them up with some foundation and I’m set. I’d even go farther to say that I’m glad that I made a mistake and cut (almost) all my eyebrows off. It gives me more freedom! If I want a higher arch then so be it. If I want them to be more squared in the front rather than rounded or if I even want different colors to match my wigs, then there ya go! I don’t have to worry about gluing my eyebrows down and putting concealer and foundation on them like drag queens do cuz I DON’T HAVE ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE! AHAHHAHAHHA!

*ahem* So yea. I also find its more of a challenge and boy, does Myu love a good challenge! Having (almost) no eyebrows has forced me to do them perfectly. Its like I said before, either do it right or risk looking like a derp. Your choice.

And if you wanna know the key to natural looking eyebrows if you have to resort to drawing them on; Use eyeshadow. Eyeliner pencil look too waxy and shiny. And if yor’re going to use eyeliner/eyebrow pencil, at least put an eye shadow in a matching color on top. And be sure to clean up with foundation/concealer on a paddle brush!


As you can see I added some light purple and black rhinestones to intensify the look. Also popped in my favorite Puffy Three Tone Greys as shown earlier!

Monday, June 4, 2012

What is this? *le gasp* Is it a POST?!

Gomen nasai! *bows meekly* What had happened was— *dodges projectiles thrown by angry readers—Ow! OW! ITAI! Okay, okay, I understand. Your anger is justified.

I have no excuses…

…Actually I do, but they’re the same old, same old…

So I went to Youmacon (an anime convention) last year in November and finally got my photos of the makeup I wore from the girl who took them. That’s part of the reason I couldn’t post b/c I didn’t have any pics. I guess it didn’t help that she fell of the face of the Earth for like 5 MONTHS before sending me the pics on fb.       -__- One cannot have a proper makeup blog without pics! Thus I didn't post. :’(


I didn’t even know what I wanted to wear when I picked up my makeup brush on Friday (the day of the con). I just knew I wanted something different, loud and fun. Thus this look was born:

LOL WHUT...Stop looking at my girlstache -_-
Woah! My cut crease looks so clean and defined. XP


Behvold—Masquerade! *hears crickets; wilts at lack of applause*

I think I did pretty good considering this was the first time I had ever did a look so extensive and elaborate (yay for unnecessary fancy words XD). I didn’t even know what to call it. As I said before I wanted dramatic so I spent a few hours the previous day hitting up dollar stores buying flatback gems and rhinestones.

I was kind of nervous as to whether or not this would be “too much” for a con. -_- Yea. Too much at a place where ppl were wearing full body costumes, kigurumis and crossplay? Ha! I was practically normal. Disappointed and worried that I hadn’t fully pulled of the effect I was going for, imagine my surprise when everytime I turned around, someone was giving me a complement on my makeup (pfft more like face mask what with the amount of product I had on my face -_-;).

I was so flattered considering these were ppl with costumes so flawless and intricate (you could tell some of them spent hours on their costumes) that I’m pretty sure I had stars of admiration in my eyes when they were talking to me. I wonder if they thought I was weird? >.<

Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing this look and now that I have discovered the joy that is glitter, my look will be even better this year.

Speaking of what to wear this year. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head its crazy! One moment I want to wear a long elaborate kimono with ornate kanzashi the next I want to go as Nyan Cat. MAKE UP YO MIND OREDI!! I guess im scrambling for ideas because the con is only three days long. That means I can only choose three outfits to wear (well, not really. But I don’t feel like changing three times a day -_-) and they have to be awesome!

But then I thought: “Hey genius, there’s more than one anime convention in the U.S. You can go to those. Stop fretting. Derrr…”

But then I remembered: Youmacon is closest to me. Which is not necessarily true since there’s Penguicon and Comicon. But for someone who doesnt have a car… -_-;

Anyway! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, look ideas. So like I said I’ve been constantly obsessing about what to wear and these are the ideas I’ve come up with:

1. Punk/Raver Gyaru
2. Traditional kimono complete with kanzashi, geta, tabi and Japanese parasol.
6. Café maid
7. Nyan cat

            So that’s the list I’ve come up with so far. Im sure I will come up with way more more later on and I will post them. But this is what I have for now. :)

The background info on the ideas are quite comical. Last year everything was so rushed and last minute (I had forgot about when the con was -_____-) I didn’t have time to brainstorm any makeup/outfit ideas. All I knew was that I wanted awesome makeup. -__- So I threw on a black ruffly dress that I deemed as moderately cute, but that wouldn’t overshadow my makeup ( *snort* not that it could), slapped on some bright eye shadow and rhinestones and called it a day. :D (To be fair, it really wasn’t that simple at all. And I did not actually slap on my makeup, I just used that word to show how fast I was rushing. THAT TOOK AN HOUR! I WORKS HARD ON MAH MAKEUP! >.>)

*takes a big gulp of air* Okay now that my defensive rant is over, lets get to the embarrassing back stories. WHADDYA SAY?

Punk/Raver Gyaru

I’ve always liked gyaru. The big hair. The intricate makeup. The stylishly coordinated clothes. The dolly eyes. However, I lack the dedication and patience it takes to do it full-time. So I thought it’d be fun to be gyaru for a day.

Now I know some may refute the above statement, saying that it is impossible to “be” gyaru for a day. (You cant be gyaru for a day! GYARU IS A LIFESTYLE! GYARU FOR LIFE! *insert angry snarl*)

My first advice for you would be to calm down. I know I cannot be gyaru for a day since it’s considered a lifestyle or whatever  (a point that could actually be debated since many gyarus themselves don’t even accurately know what it is. -_- Hence there are no set rules.) so I’ll just attempt to look like one. Saying I’ll be one is just shorter to say and type. XD

The reason why I say punk raver is because I want to wear a tutu, some rainbow fishnets and combat boots with an over priced Hatsune Miku t-shirt from hot topic. I want big hair and glamorous makeup. So I thought: “Well I’ll just be a punk/raver gyaru. Never seen that before. :3”

Thus the idea was born.


Also found these cute DeadMau5 glow stick ears! I thought of making a head but then I wanted the one that had the changing LED panel on it that makes all that all those awesome faces but I don’t know how to work with LED panels. -_-

Traditional Japanese Kimono

Always dreamed of weaing one. *shrugs shoulders* That’s all.

Café maid

When I was younger and looking for my first job, I was asking my self what  I wanted to do or be. One of the ideas I came up with was being a maid. I always wanted to be a maid for a rich person so I could get a chance to wear those cute French maid uniforms. :D

Well, I never got to be a maid and thus never got to wear the cute uniform. :’( But one day I saw on ebay for dirt cheap and decided to buy one (haven’t bought it yet. Still gonna get it though). But then I thought: “Wear am I gonna wear it?” I mean, I could wear it in the house, but that would be boring. Then the proverbial light bulb lit up over my head. “I know! I’ll wear it to Youmacon! No one will call me  a dork there!”

You should see how many bookmarks I have for the maid costumes I want to buy. I think I have one in every color. I even found a leather one. XD

So that’s all for the backstories. I only listed three because I felt those where the funniest and less likely to make me fall asleep while writing it.

As further penance for my long absence I posted two treats for you to enjoy. One is a look I did recently. The other is a funny video of a lady who survived a house fire remixed into a song that you’ve probably seen already. But how great is the I posted on here for you to enjoy? See how thoughtful I am? XD

Until next time my faithful readers! *salutes*