Friday, August 12, 2011

Introduction Time!!!

So let me first start off by saying that I originally wasn't going to do an introduction.

Why you ask?

Well, it's because I thought it was a very newbie-ish type thing to do and I thought that I should just jump right into it instead of showing my self consciousness as a new blogger. But I realized that even complete strangers introduce themselves before starting a conversation with each other; So I thought: "Why not give my readers the same treatment I would anyone else?

Here goes nothing XP...

I go by the name Myu. If you were to look at me you think that I'm just an average teenage girl, and for the most part you'd be right, except for one crucial fact.

I love makeup:heart:.

You may think "Well, that's not so extraordinary", but you see, I dont just love makeup; I live, breathe and eat makeup (Well, not really cus that's just downright nasty XD), but you get the point.


And because I love it soooo much *hugs cosmetic case like it's a teddy bear* I invite you to  come join my on my journey to explore the amazing world know as cosmetics.

I hope you're ready, cuz it's going to be a long ride XP.

Until next time my lovelies :korila:,